Near Kyiv at a beautiful festival compound 30 km from the city, from August 22 to August 28, 2019.

“ENJOY!” - Festival of Physical and Tantric Practices:
TELOmania School invites you:

To the international festival of physical and tantric practices “Enjoy!”

Near Kyiv at a beautiful festival compound 30 km from the city, from August 22 to August 28, 2019.

This festival is for those who:
Those who love or want to love their body and want to explore its wonderful possibilities for improving their quality of life.

Attend seminars on personal psychological or other consulting practices and want to expand their arsenal of tools with new techniques to achieve a better results

Choose the spiritual path of development and use bodily practices as a tool for quick spiritual transformation

✔ loves Tantra or wants to get to understand it, to use her magic to build harmonious relationships

✔ leads an active life, always learning something new, open to adventurous projects and interesting acquaintances

Enjoys outdoor recreation, good music, pleasant atmosphere and positive people

At the festival:
Workshops from professionals in their field simultaneously in several luxurious halls, with the opportunity to choose what is most to your liking

✅ day and evening concerts from talented musicians, performers, dance performances, fire show

✅ swimming in the lakes with swans, relaxing on the beaches, horseback riding, delicious vegetarian food

✅ the ability to relax from the bustle of the city, to be among friends or with your family, combining it with a benefit for yourself

✅ drawings and gifts for participants from coaches and guests of the festival

✅ interesting creative tasks and games during the festival

Fair of Esoteric Goods and Health Products

At the festival:

🔘 hatha yoga, yoga with a partner, kundalini yoga, yoga philosophy

Neo-tantra, Taoist practices, Sufi practices and OSHO meditations

🔘 women's practices

🔘 dance practice and dance training

Massages (tantric, classical, Thai, Indian oil, etc.)

Healing art
(osteopathy, bioenergy, alternative medicine methods)

🔘 Human Design, astrology, numerology, tarot, runes

🔘developing and transformation games

📍Where will everything happen?

Our base is in Bucha on 7 hectares of private area with beautiful landscaping and fruit trees, somewhat reminiscent of the Crimean palace parks in miniature.

✔The seven lakes located on its territory are cleaned and suitable for swimming, and also have beaches for recreation.

You will certainly be impressed by a small local zoo and a stable with the possibility of an equestrian walk with an instructor.

✔Big and spacious rooms which can accommodate several people, but if you come as a couple or with your family, we can accommodate you separately - the main thing is to book a room in advance.

✔ There are three luxurious large comfortable rooms for practitioners and several additional covered areas for master classes, so even in case of rain, we are guaranteed good conditions for practice.

❗ If you want to show up as a trainer, be sure to register in advance so that we can give you the proper time and necessary equipment and supplies.

Our headliners:
Daria Gablia (Moscow, Tantra, Taoist sexual practices)
Alexey Shelyakov (Moscow, tantra, kundalini yoga, Taoist male practices)
Natalia Eremenko (Kiev, tantra, yoga with a partner)
Andrei Omelchenko (Kiev, body-oriented therapy, tantra)
Alexander Prima (Design of a Person, center of harmonious education of children)
Bodhi (Israel, ISTA School)
Igor Nezovibatko (Bulgaria, sexual art, oratory)

Cost of participation at the festival: 4500 UAH + accommodation and meals at the base (paid separately depending on the category of housing)
If you pay before 6 pm on June 22 - 4000 UAH
If paid before May 31 - UAH 3750
If paid before May 15 - UAH 3500
If paid before April 30 - 3250 UAH
If paid before April 15 - 3000 UAH
If you pay before March 31 - 2700 UAH

For couples - 10% discount
For family members who do not participate in master classes, 50% discount

We invite volunteers, photographers, musicians and artists.

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